Are you working in a warehouse, shifting your materials around on a daily basis? Or do you operate in a construction site with the need to maneuverer on rough terrain? Either way, having the right forklift for your work will help to improve both efficiency and effectiveness.

Like normal transport vehicles, forklifts come in an array of styles and types. Each has been built to operate most effectively under certain conditions. Understanding the functions and characteristics of each type forklift will help you to choose the right forklift for your business.

Industrial Reach Forklift Truck

If your warehouse stores goods by stacking them on pallets at height, then you will want to have an industrial reach forklift truck. Known for their extended lift height, industrial reach forklift trucks allow operators to easily reach high rise storage spaces.

Reach Forklift trucks easily traverse through warehouse lanes due to their narrow design. This is a critical trait as it makes manoeuvring much easier for the operator and ensures the safety of other workers in the vicinity.

Industrial Counterbalance Forklifts

Counterbalance forklifts are named after their counterbalancing weights that prevent them from tipping over when carrying heavy weights. Commonly used in indoor warehouses, they offer a straightforward method of operation, with dual forks at the front for lifting loads.

A variation of the standard counterbalance forklift is its three wheel counterpart. The three wheel model offers better manoeuvrability, being able to perform tighter turns. As such, this variation is more ideal for work in narrow warehouses.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Performing work within construction sites? If so then you surely will want to have a rough terrain forklift. A rough terrain forklift has much larger inflated tyres with ticker threads. This grants the vehicle stability on uneven ground. Furthermore, it also boasts a more powerful engine that increases its manoeuvrability on rough terrain.

Telescopic Handler Forklifts

Telescopic Handler Forklifts differ from other forklifts in that they are constructed similarly to that of a crane. Typically used in agriculture, they enjoy a great height reach and range of motion. Structurally, telescopic handler forklifts feature a telescopic boom which is what gives its extensive reach.

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks

A related device to the standard forklift is pedestrian operated pallet trucks. Unlike the other forklifts mentioned in this article, pedestrian operated pallet trucks do not require the operator to drive them. Instead, they operate using a hydraulic jack to lift pallets or goods before the user manually pulls the load on wheels.

Looking to Acquire Forklifts For Your Business

As demonstrated in this article, many types of forklifts are available for purchase. If you are in the market for a forklift, you should speak to a forklift Singapore supplier. Inform them of your intended usage or needs, and allow them to advise you on the most suitable products.