Looking for operations suggestions to enhance your storage facility’s productivity? One major way in which you can upgrade your storage space is to upgrade your existing racks solution. For those who are not familiar with the existing storage racks Singapore market, there is actually a wide variety of systems available. In this article, we will be looking at 2 of these solutions – Cantilever Racks & Drive in Pallet Rack.

Cantilever Racks

Making the most of space is a toppriority in any warehouse enterprise. When storing elongated, over-dimensional products like tubes or lumber, multiple complex storage optimisation storage issues emerge. Structural or Roll-Formed Cantilever Racking provides concise and adaptable storage space that stands apart from standard, less flexible pallet racking.

A lack of front columns means strangely designed or large products like pipes can easily reside on an entire row without affecting your restricted space. These racks additionally fit significant handling clearance for larger, over-length products like pipes or rug rolls as a result of the enhanced horizontal space.

Another great advantage of cantilever racks is that reach trucks or forklifts can drive up to beneath the products on the racks. This is due to the open spaces between columns of the racks.


  • Long and open clearance leads that are excellent for prolonged products like building materials or furnishings
  • Flexible multi-length levels can be calibrated for different SKUs


  • Storehouse area typically requires to have generous aisle widths big enough to allow picking and restocking

Drive in Pallet Rack

High-density storehouse spaces that fit products with long life span are constantly in need of more storage space capacity. Economical drive-in pallet racks can aid raise storage space by approximately 75%. Drive in pallet racks are really great for packing in large and heavy volumes of materials within a single large space. As such, a number of materials will be “locked” in the internal part of the racks, making them difficult to access.

With this in mind, we recommend using in Drive in Pallet Rack when all materials stored in the rack are uniform or if there is a clear sequence of materials needed to be accessed. They’re particularly excellent for Last in, first out (LIFO) or First in, first out arrangements (FIFO) where items don’t constantly call for immediate access.

The lowered aisle room lowers the square footage and streamlines forklift courses by making the entry and exit point at each end the exact same.


  • Cost-effective system for LIFO or FIFO access
  • Unequalled storage potential for items which don’t require immediate accessibility


  • Difficult to reach all non-end rack pallets by forklift
  • Possible for rack damages from fork trucks as they navigate narrower aisles