Car insurance is undoubtedly an important investment that no car owner should miss out. Elucidated by many car owners, it comes handy in all kinds of problems you might face with your car.

A major repair work, your insurance can cover it.

Had an accident? Your insurer has got your back.

Did someone hit your car? Worry not, it’s still covered.

Your car got stolen? It is still covered!

Apart from the scenarios mentioned above, there are many instances where you might resort to making a motor insurance claim. One such example is when you lose your key.

Now how do you get into your car? Looks like you have a very important lock to open! We say fret not! All you need to do is get your lock fixed, and your insurer is there to cover its expense for you.

For all of that to be covered under your policy, you need to have a comprehensive motor insurance cover. Buying car insurance online is easier than never before. A few clicks and your car insurance is delivered in your inbox. Comprehensive insurance plans can be topped with add-ons as per requirement. One such essential feature that can be added to your policy is a key replacement cover.

Modern cars have hi-tech keys. These keys have electronic codes embedded to match your car’s lock. Traditional locks, on the other hand, can be opened using a duplicate key from any locksmith. A transponder interacts between the key and the car’s lock for a remote-based key. Some cars use more advanced Frequency Operated Button (FOB) technology. They are also known as keyless ignitions. The car’s sensors recognise the key in its vicinity and get unlocked.

If you happen to lose these tech-integrated keys, it’s surely going to pinch your bank account. The replacement cost isn’t any less than a four-figure amount. Not only for the time you misplace your keys, but when a burglar attempts to break-in your car and in turn ends up damaging the lock, this add-on will come handy.

Features and Benefits of getting a key replacement cover

  • Any replacement expenses incurred shall be reimbursed by your insurer.
  • The cost to replace the lost or stolen key along with the cost of the lock that requires replacement is covered as inclusion under this cover.
  • An additional premium is charged for this nifty add-on. Albeit comparing how much money it can save you, it is nominally priced.
  • Also, there is a maximum limit on how many times you can file a claim for the replacement of keys. Make sure you enquire it beforehand.

What is excluded under key replacement cover?

  • Any deliberate act of the insured with the intention to damage the lock or the key is excluded under the ambit of this cover.
  • Damages which are otherwise covered by the manufacturer are specifically excluded.
  • Damages due to radiation or hazardous elements.
  • Reimbursements are not made where there is an absence of a valid receipt for payment.

After reading about the benefits a key replacement cover offers, make sure to add it to your next car insurance renewal in case you haven’tyet. Stay wise and get insured!