Are you concerned about the growth of your YouTube channel? Does your channel have only a few hundreds and thousands of views and subscribers? And are you looking to promote your channel on a large scale? If yes, you are in the right place.

There are numerous free and paid ways to promote my YouTube channel such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Sharing, Link Building with Reputed Channels, and Advertising. These methods are very effective for YouTube promotion. However, out of these, advertising is the most effective method of promoting a YouTube channel.

Advertising Your YouTube Channel

Advertising your YouTube channel helps you to reach your potential audience who actually are interested in your content. When those audiences come across your videos, they click and watch them to the end to get the information they want. This boosts the audience retention scores of your videos which further force YouTube to viral your videos. That’s how you get more and more viewers and subscribers on your channel.

For YouTube advertising, you chiefly get two options that are; Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Both are very effective advertising methods. However, Google Ads are relatively more effective than Facebook Ads. If you choose Google Ads to advertise the YouTube channel, you will definitely get the desired results. Still, before choosing Google Ads to advertise your channel, you must have a quick glance at the pros and cons of it. Here are those:

Google Ads Pros

It Works Faster Than SEO- Both SEO and Google Ads are search engine marketing techniques to generate more and more web traffic. SEO is a free organic method while Google Ads is a paid search engine marketing technique. Both are effective, but Google Ads are more effective and work faster than SEO. It helps a YouTube channel to reach its potential audience instantly. As soon as you create your ad campaign and make it live on the internet, you will start getting huge web traffic on your YouTube channel. While in the case of SEO, you will have to wait for a month or two months, and sometimes three or more to start getting traffic.

It Targets Your Potential Audience- This is the best thing about Google Ads. It targets your potential audience and shows your ads to them. Hereby, your channel gets the highest possibilities of getting quality and quantity viewers and subscribers. And likewise, you get the maximum benefits on your investment.

You Can Track Your Ads Performance- On the ads campaign panel of Google Ads, you can track the live performance of your ad campaign. You can know how many people clicked your ad and how many out of them actually watch your videos. You can also know how many viewers convert into your subscribers. In a case, if you want to make changes in your ad campaign, you can do it and run it again.

Google Ads Cons

Expensive Than Other Advertising Methods- This is the only disadvantage of Google Ads. It is more expensive than other advertising methods. However, if you have a budget and want to get the best result, then it should not be a matter of concern for you. You can afford it.