When balayage was introduced to the world of beauty, it made everyone gasp in awe and no wonder. It gives your hair an intricate twist and allows you to spice up your hair color no matter whether you are blonde or brunette. Besides, there are so many ways to create this effect on your locks that you are guaranteed to end up with a unique hair look. To explore this matter in-depth, follow through here.

What Do You Call Balayage?

But what is balayage in the first place? This is a popular coloring technique that implies adding highlights to your locks, which are painted freehand by the way, so that they create a subtle and naturally-looking transition from darker roots to lighter tips. There are a great many balayage styles to choose from, which we fully covered on our website LoveHairStyles. Yet, you might want to know how you can achieve this gorgeous effect on your hair.

How To Get Balayage On Your Hair?

If you want to balayage your locks yourself, take the following steps:

  1. Do not wash your tresses for several days.
  2. Using a comb or a brush, eliminate any knots and tangles in your hair.
  3. Protect your hands with gloves as well as clothes with a towel.
  4. Study the instructions provided with the kit for balayage carefully.
  5. Combine the developer with the lightener and mix them together thoroughly.
  6. Separate the top layer of the hair and secure it with a clip.
  7. Apply the mix to the underlying strands with a toothbrush focusing on the ends more.
  8. Evenly section out narrow strands of hair and sweep the mix for lightening on them starting from the middle of the lengths.
  9. Using the same approach, apply the mixture to the top section of your hair.
  10. Allow it to sit for the time the kit instructions specify.
  11. Wash your hair using neutralizing shampoo and conditioner.

The Most Awe Inspiring Balayage Hairstyles To Choose From

Of course, we could not leave you without a dose of inspiration and here are the best ideas for a balayage hair look.

A Classic Soft Balayage Style For Short Hair

It comes as no surprise that you can never go wrong with an original balayage look, especially if your hair is short. As the transition is soft and subtle, it makes any imperfections less noticeable. Thus, if this is the first time you balayage your short hair, it is a wise idea to start with its classic version.

A Money Piece Balayage For Long Tresses

Money pieces are one of the trendiest techniques to color your hair nowadays. Not only does it perfectly frame your face, but it also adds depth and boldness to your locks.

A 3-D Balayage For Mid-Length Locks

A surefire way to give your hair dimension and volume is by coloring it using the trending 3-D balayage technique. The multi-tonal style looks natural yet pronounced, which makes it particularly versatile.

On that note, all that is left for you to do is to pick out the balayage style that resonates with you most. Of course, for the maximum result, it is best to arrange a hair colorist to perform this procedure. Yet, should you decide to do it at home, you can rest assured that you are going to have a great time.

Source: LoveHairStyles