Buying followers goes against the Instagram community terms and conditions of the platform.  You can easily get free followers by sharing very informative or engaging content on your page. This guarantees free followers.

 However, you can also decide to buy Instagram followers from different online websites that sell followers for a certain price. These online sites sell followers at a different amount. For example, 5000 followers have an estimate of $67.

Buying followers requires you to check and choose a package affordable to you. This ensures a smooth process. You can pay for your bought followers through a PayPal account or a bank account.

The steps are;

Choose an affordable package from a reputable supplier.

Some online sites that supply you with followers, that are non-existent, bots, and fake. Because of an increase in suppliers selling fake followers to business accounts, many of the business accounts demand accountability from their followers.

A reputable supplier has a site with all the terms and conditions of the site in place and doesn’t have dubious security issues. Their sites drive a lot traffic and sales due to their consistency and they legitimately sell, and buy active Instagram followers.

Once you’ve chosen your package, you’ll then purchase your followers of your choice using either PayPal or bank account. Its highly recommended you use a payment method that guarantees your financial security such as PayPal.

Type In your Instagram username

The whole procedure of   buying followers from a reputable supplier Is more streamlined and your account remains safe for you do not hand them your personal account details. This ensures safety of your account.

Instagram suspends accounts with fake followers for buying followers, goes against the terms and conditions of service.  Notwithstanding if you buy Instagram followers from an online site or an app.

In spite of all these, these companies that sell followers, claim that they sell followers with the ultimate safest approach that doesn’t go against Instagram terms of service.

Pay for your followers using either PayPal or a bank account

 Paying for your followers is the last step to obtain your purchased followers. You can pay for your followers using PayPal. PayPal gives you your financial security for you do not share your details. Its is very free and secures your financial credentials.

You can still pay with your bank credit card, but your details will be visible to them. Once you are settled on your reputable supplier service, you then buy your Instagram followers.


The process of buying followers can be deceiving at times especially when you don’t buy from a reputable supplier. You can be spammed and cornered. You can also be sold fake followers that don’t even exist.

It is beneficial to buy active Instagram followers who convert, increase sales, and influence in your account. This is possible when you have an affordable package that you chose. You also need to make sure you are connected to data or WIFI that is secure.