As technology advances and business practices change, so does human resources. Businesses that want to hire the best candidates and retain their best employees have to keep up with the latest innovations and best practices in human resource management. This article will take a look at three of the biggest and most notable HR trends that businesses should know about.

Increase in Number of Remote Employees

The number of people working remotely around the world has increased in the past year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With an increase in the number of people working remotely and at home, HR departments are facing a number of unique challenges. These include making remote employees feel like part of their larger employee pool, managing morale and productivity, managing employees who work in different time zones, and investigating complaints and concerns of people who are not in the office.

Even with all the challenges that come with managing remote employees, there are still some upsides. These include saving money in office perks, less overhead on office space and fewer office supplies that need to be bought.

Focus On Workplace Environment and Experience

While HR managers should always work towards ensuring high levels of employee engagement, they should also focus on providing a better employee experience and work environment. Businesses have to move towards a workplace that encourages real human interactions and empowers employees while encouraging responsibility.

To create a better employee experience, businesses must focus on purpose, autonomy and belonging. Businesses and HR managers should strive to help employees find their purpose and meaning in their work. Businesses must also consider giving employees more autonomy by allowing them to decide when, where and how they work to ensure higher productivity levels. Businesses must also find ways of helping all their employees, regardless of who they are, feel like they belong in the business.

To help with all the above, businesses can use employee engagement software to find out how employees feel about their work environment. The data collected can then be used to create a better work environment and experience. Businesses can use employee engagement software developed by companies like to find out what their employees think about their work environment.

Better Onboarding Processes

Many businesses have realised that, in addition to hiring the right people, they have to train them well and do everything they can to keep them. HR departments are tasked with hiring the right people but they have to update their processes to be in line with modern standards.

Good hiring models can help businesses fill the positions they need to fill, but modern onboarding processes increase the likelihood that the hired candidates stick around. Businesses must go beyond the outdated day-one orientation that many of them do and instead introduce new hires to a company’s core values, talk to them about the direction the business is hedging, talk to them about the company’s goals and help them understand the company’s vision.

Although trends come and go, all HR departments should keep an eye on what is happening in their industry. The trends discussed above can help businesses thrive while helping HR departments do their jobs better.