You suffered injuries in a car crash in Colorado, where the other driver was clearly at fault. Since Colorado has been an at-fault state since 2003, you can file a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The insurance compensation should ideally cover your losses and injuries, including medical bills, lost income, and vehicle repair costs. Unfortunately, winning fair compensation from the insurance company won’t be an easy battle. You need a Colorado car accident lawyer on your side to ease the stress and improve your chances. How do you choose the right one with so many injury firms around? We have a few pointers below. 

  1. Start with the response. Did the lawyer’s office respond to your call immediately? Were the staff members friendly and easy to talk to? Did you get an appointment with one of their lawyers? You need a law firm that takes your case on priority. 
  2. Look for relevant experience. Personal injury law covers various types of cases. Hire an attorney who is flexible and regularly takes up car accident claims and lawsuits in their practice. You need a local lawyer, who is aware of the process, knows the Colorado laws and is experienced enough. 
  3. Get an assessment. Personal injury law firms usually have the option of free case evaluation. You can meet a lawyer and discuss the prospects of your car accident case in person, and it doesn’t have to cost anything. Ask the attorney what you can expect from the lawsuit. 
  4. Find more about the fee structure. Lawyers usually charge a contingency fee for car accident cases. The fee is a part of the recovery but is only payable if you win. The usual range is between 25% and 40%, but ask about the fee structure in advance. 
  5. Ask for references. If a car accident lawyer has been around for years, they will have enough clients. Ask the attorney if they can share client references. You can also rely on online reviews posted independently by other clients. 

Finally, do watch for the red flags. For instance, if an attorney promises an exact figure for your car accident settlement, you should know that they are lying. Also, a good and experienced attorney will never ask for an advance fee. They will also not try to mislead you on the facts of the case. Ask the attorney how they plan to deal with your car accident claim and if a lawsuit is likely.