Medical malpractice occurs more often than you may think and when it does, it becomes a torturous scenario for the patient as well as the doctor. Doctors are humans and they can make mistakes but there are times when a few of their actions, which are cited as medical malpractice, are done intentionally. 

It can’t be denied that inexperienced, naive, and rude physicians exist everywhere in the field of the medical world. Whether the person is a counselor or a psychologist or a surgeon or a normal health physician, medical malpractice is common in every field. There are Albany Medical Malpractice lawyers who can help you obtain compensation for your losses. 

General Malpractice Statistics

Malpractice occurs in more than one form across various segments of the medical care industry. You should firstly check and verify the reputation of the doctor you’re availing. Did his previous patients ever sue him in the past? Does he have a history of misdiagnosis or other medical mistakes? Check out a few statistics:

  • The average age of a person who files a PI claim related to medical malpractice is 42 years.
  • 99% of the doctors face a minimum of one medical malpractice lawsuit by the time he is 65 years of age. 
  • 10% of the deaths in the US are due to medical mistakes
  • North Dakota had the lowest number of medical malpractice cases in the US
  • New York had the highest number of cases between 2009 and 2019
  • Around 8000-10000 patients die due to medication mistakes
  • Around 10% of the physicians got involved in sexual relationships with the patients

Surgical Malpractice Statistics

Surgeries are terrifying and hence you need to ask a lot of questions before adding your consent to the same. Whenever a patient undergoes surgery and is subject to medical malpractice, he is overwhelmed by a sense of confusion. From the perspective of the patient, he should equip himself with enough knowledge about a case, if things go wrong. 

  • 90% of the surgeons will most likely be involved in a lawsuit
  • More than 5000 surgical errors occur in a year
  • Nearly 40 surgeries in a week end up with some tool left inside the body of the patient
  • 60% of the surgical blunders lead to temporary and not permanent injuries
  • 40% of the surgical blunders lead to long-term injuries including death

It can’t be denied that we are all humans and to err is human. There’s no doubt about the fact that medical malpractice is something that has kept occurring since the time medicine was invented. It is not a new concept but sadly it isn’t something that is going to vanish soon.

Since we live in a tech world, the chances of medical malpractice can be reduced significantly. We also have the best malpractice lawyers who can fight all legal battles whenever a surgery goes wrong. If medical malpractice leads to death, a lawyer can help you with justice. 

The best step that you can take for yourself is to ask lots of questions to the doctor and read the fine print before signing the contract papers.