As per the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employers of private companies reported 3.7 million workplace accidents and injuries that were non-fatal in 2019. On average, the cost for workplace-related injuries that needed medical attention is around $45,000. This expenditure includes medical costs, costs of lost wages, employer costs, and administrative expenses. 

Workplace accidents and injuries can not just have a negative impact on your morale and productivity but they can also consume a lot of time for businesses. We have discussed a few ways of reducing workplace injuries by Holcomb Law, LLLC, a law firm, and here’s what they had to say. 

  • Introduce wellness and accident prevention programs

As an employer, you should take care of every level of employee health and safety. Every corporate or private organization should introduce employee wellness and accident prevention programs. They should encourage the employees to report hazardous practices, situations, or behavior. 

  • Incorporate control measures

If you are aware of the types of hazards that your employees face, you should make a plan to incorporate some methods to control those hazards and maintain safety in the workplace. If there is an employee who works on a computer throughout the day. He is always at the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can take care of this risk and try to prevent it by offering a PPE or wrist brace. 

  • Cross check your workplace safety policies

You should check and review your workplace policies either once a year or soon after a workplace accident. Evaluate whether or not the previous policies are still applicable considering the new risks that the employees face. In case you have started a new method of performing a task or you’ve started using a new equipment, your safety committee should reflect the updation of those documents. 

  • Offer sufficient safety tools to all employees

It is vital to have personal protection tools when your employees are working on the work-floor. You, as an employer, should start enforcing them right from the stage of hiring, during meetings, and you should constantly monitor them. The employees should also get acquainted with the way in which the equipment should be used. If you provide them with VR goggles, make sure you teach them how to wear them in order to make the best use of them. 

  • Stay away from shortcuts

You should always train employees in such a manner that they understand the hard work required behind delivering quality services or products. Employees who are put under huge pressure of meeting the daily deadlines are more likely to resort to shortcuts. However, this can risk their safety. Hence, your instructions should be organized and clear if you want to avoid injuries that are preventable. 

Despite maintaining every step to protect your employees from workplace hazards, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. There are specialized workplace lawyers who can guide you through the entire process and fight for your rights as an employee.