Trucks are an inseparable part of the transport industry as a noteworthy part of freight is commuted by road with the help of trucks. Even though the industry uses other means of transport like ships or trains, the last leg of the journey will use trucks. While trucks play a huge role in the transport industry, the less pleasant side of trucks is that they are a significant contributor to road accidents. 

In the US, nearly 4000 people die due to truck accidents and 14,000 suffer from injuries due to the same. If you still haven’t ever sought the help of a truck accident attorney, here are a few tips to keep in mind about how to deal with a truck accident. 

  • Determine the situation

There’s no denying the fact that any road accident will be traumatizing. Hence, it is natural that you won’t be in a proper state of mind after facing an accident with a truck. As you get the chance to settle down, determine the situation. Check whether everyone is fine and in case you spot injuries, resist the temptation of moving anyone. Turn on the hazard lights to that you can warn the road users. 

  • Call the police

The next step would be to inform the police. They’ll need to file a report of the entire accident that occurred. While reporting to the authorities, stick to facts. All sorts of documentation will be useful in the event you file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Don’t forget to inform your insurance underwriters regarding the accident. 

  • Know your rights

When you’re at the scene of the accident, make note of the fact that you’ve got some rights that you can exercise. You have the right to refuse to give your signature on any document. You also enjoy the right to ask for legal representation if you think you need to fight against the at-fault party, you can hire a truck accident lawyer. Never accept liability for anything. Most of the common reasons behind large truck accidents are attributed to the trucking company or the driver. 

Therefore, if your near or loved one has come across a truck accident, you should take the steps mentioned above. Get the help of a lawyer if you want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit case.