An insurance adjuster will look over your vehicle accident claim if you file one after being involved in an accident. Following a review of your claim paperwork, the insurance adjuster will either approve or deny your claim. It’s vital to keep in mind that the adjuster’s objective is to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible so that the insurance company can save money, even if they come off as nice and professional. Discuss your situation with a certified personal injury lawyer in los angeles.

Insurer’s Hasty Settlement Proposal

Insurance companies are aware that their clients have immediate financial needs following a vehicle accident and may propose a settlement that is significantly less than the claim is truly worth in order to get their clients to accept payment promptly. Insurance companies are notorious for making “take it or leave it” settlement offers that are significantly lower than the actual value of the claims they’re paying out. Don’t be caught in this trap; the insurance adjuster can’t provide an accurate assessment of your case without access to your medical records, statements detailing any missed wages, and a description of the emotional distress you’ve endured. Don’t deposit a settlement check if you receive one in the mail without an explanation. Make sure that it doesn’t completely resolve your claim!

Typical Delay Strategies Employed By An Insurance Adjuster

The insurance company could attempt to drag out the claims process by requesting unnecessary documentation or a taped interview. Nothing more than a stalling strategy used to make you lose patience and agree to a lower settlement out of frustration.

You will likely have many questions at the outset of the claims process.

  • Please tell me who to go to about my claim.
  • I need to know if my car is going to be repaired.
  • When renting, what exactly can I expect to receive?
  • Should I make an appointment with a doctor?

You may have trouble getting in touch with your adjuster, who may be able to address some of these issues. An insurance adjuster’s workload typically consists of anywhere from a hundred to two hundred separate claims. The adjuster can only focus on so many claims at once. Thus the more complicated yours is, the less time they can devote to it. Because of the high volume of calls, reaching someone who can assist you may take a while.