There are several reasons why move to Texas is a good idea.


The first reason is the diverse weather and ecosystems. This means that you are going to have the opportunity to experience a variety of different weather conditions. Of course, the summers are going to be hot and the winters will be cold. Texas has wetlands, national parks, prairies, and forests. You are not going to have to do a lot of traveling in order to see all of the four seasons if you are living in Texas.


The second reason is the Texas hill country. The Hill Country is known for the beautiful landscapes that it is going to provide any of the people who visit it along with having some very popular attractions for tourists. It is located on the crossroads of north, west, and central Texas. There are over 100 cities inside of Hill Country, so it is going to be the home of a lot of different rivers, breweries, lakes, vineyards, and live music. It is very well known for its rich history and plenty of places where you can boutique shops. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are going to choose to take a vacation to the Texas hill country. You can hike up the Enchanted Rock, have a day of history in Fredericksburg, or soak inside of the Krause Springs.


The third reason why you move to Texas is the variety of food that you are going to be able to experience while you are in Texas. The most famous type of food that you will be able to get in Texas is bbq and Tex-Mex. The bbq is going to consist of smoked brisket and a sweeter type of barbecue sauce. This is a good chance that the Texan that serves you bbq has been working on their recipes for many years. The smoked brisket is going to be the best and will have more juice than you have ever had. The other type of food that is very popular is Texas is the combination of American fare with the more traditional Mexican dishes that are known as Tex-Mex. This is definitely a unique blend that you are going to want to try while you are in Texas.


The fourth reason is the southern hospitality. Texas is not going to be a lot different than most of the states that are in the South. This means that the residents are going to be known for being friendly and polite to all of the people that they meet. This is also why Texas is also known as the friendship state. Therefore, it is not going to be uncommon for the tourists to be greeted by strangers or even a person who is just passing you by is going to smile at you. In fact, the southern hospitality in Texas is known to be contagious.


The fifth reason is that people in Texas are going to take their football very seriously. This is something that they are going to think about even more than the barbecue that they are preparing on a regular basis. There is high school football, college, and even NFL football teams in Texas. This means that it is definitely going to be one of the favorite pastimes of all of the people who live in Texas. The major football teams are going to include the Aggies, Cowboys, Longhorns, and the Red Raiders. Therefore, a lot of people are going to be kicking out on Sundays watching their team.