When it comes to being a strong leader, there is a lot to consider. Many people have built themselves from being basic employees to strong leaders. Being a strong leader means having many qualities. But now you are a good leader but how do you help others become good leaders? There are many ways to reach lots of people and writing a book is one. Here are a few tips to writing a good book about leadership.

A Good Writer

If you are not living what you are writing then you will lose your credibility. Boring books never make it. People are looking for entertainment, even in books about leadership. So it is crucial that you make the writing entertaining. What is very helpful for making your book entertaining, is having life experiences. If you have realistic life experiences pertaining to leadership then it is much easier to come up with entertaining writing. Because you have entertaining stories. If you struggle with writing or just have a hard time getting your thoughts onto paper, then consider hiring a writer. They can help you get your thoughts organized and onto paper. The writer won’t skew your book, they will just help you organize your information.

Good Writing

The organization in a book can make or break it. It is important to make your book very readable. Organize your book in a memorable way. The goal is for people to be telling their friends and family about your book. So be sure to have a few memorable stories and quotes in the book. Then make sure the chapter names are memorable as well. So that you are able to find the book later down the road when they are telling their family and friends. So be sure that you have a book filled with good writing.

A Good Internet Rating

You need to back your leadership book with some good social media and internet presence. If people really enjoy a book, they are going to go searching on the internet. That is just the day in age in which we live. So it is crucial to have a strong internet presence. Make sure that you have social media. And one that is interesting. Along with that, maintain your internet ratings. Be sure that any negative ratings you are aware of. If you don’t know how to have a strong internet presence, then hire someone on to help you. It will be crucial to your success.

A Catchy Title

Although the saying goes ‘Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover’, people do. So having a memorable title and catchy front to your book is absolutely necessary for its success. You want to be memorable. The goal as a writer is to be memorable. So choose a title that is not just your basic “How to Be a Good Leader.” Consider something more catchy like, “Taking Your Team to the Next Level!” Be sure that you are listening to your editor and taking their advice. They have been in the industry for a long time and know what they are talking about. They can help you be successful.


As you can see, there is more to being a good leader than just writing about a leadership book. You need to be sure that your book is well organized and has a great catchy title. Along with that, make sure that you have a good writing ability and a strong internet presence. If either of these you struggle with, then consider hiring on an internet or social media specialist. And definitely listen to your editor. These tips can help you be a successful writer.