Registered Agents In The U.S

In the United States, A registered agent is a business or individual designated to receive service of process when a business entity is a party in legal action such as a lawsuit or summons.

Tasks And Roles Of A Registered Agent

  • Request and verify all client documents by applicable official regulations.
  • To prepare the constituent documents of companies.
  • Check customer identification and check company registration documents for compliance with registry requirements.
  • Submit company registration documents for state registration.
  • Provide clients with reports of a registered company and any other company documents that may be required by the client.
  • Ensure the safety of information of companies and customers.
  • Administer companies by applicable regulations.
  • Register all changes regarding the structure of shareholders and directors of the company, as well as all other changes.

Do you need to designate your business to a registered agent, but aren’t sure how to choose? Which registered agent service will ensure that you never miss any important mail, preserve your privacy, and alert you to any legal obligations that may arise without breaking the bank or complicating matters?

The Best Registered Agent Services In Texas

1. ZenBusiness – $99/year

ZenBusiness is a small company training program dedicated to helping others start their business. The business was founded by a group of people in 2015, who have encountered the challenges that many still face today.

After reviewing many other available LLC training programs, we decided to team up with ZenBusiness to develop packages that provide our customers with the most accessible registered agent programs for an established business at just $99 / year. You may also move to the full coverage plan for a total of $149 / year, to include their Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee.

The services of ZenBusiness are as follows;

  • Helps you keep to government laws
  • Accept process service and other tax and statutory documents
  • Gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on running your company

2. Northwest – $125/year

Being in business since 1998, we selected Northwest Registered Agent as one of our top choices because of two significant factors.

  • They made a name for themselves because they are the most friendly LLC service available. They are by far the best in terms of phone/email support out of all the registered agent services we’ve checked and contacted.
  • They scan any document which you receive locally. Some registered agent systems search only such records, such as legal summonses. All your paperwork is scanned by Northwest Registered Agent, ensuring you never miss a document and eliminating surprises.

3. Incfile – $119/year

What would you consider Incfile:

Yes, you can get a $119 per year individually for their registered agent services. And, with any purchase of an incorporation form, you will get free registered agent services for one year. And if you haven’t already formed your LLC or Company, they ‘re a great choice too.

  • Learning Center Providing Free Details
  • Norton Online Protection Protected User-Friendly Website
  • Customers over 150,000 Served since 2004

4. Harbor Compliance – $99/year

You got their strong customer support and very beautiful dashboard when you chose to use Harbor Compliance ‘s registered agent services. Many accentuations include:

  • Same-day scanning and distribution of the papers.
  • Guides & Whitepapers for Free compliance
  • As of 2012, 10,000 + consumers have served
  • Norton and Trustwave safeguarded website.

It should be noted that they provide discounts for five-year upfront payment — and even for operation in several states.

5. InCorp – $99/year

We’ve yet to find a cheaper online registered agent service alternative than InCorp. One year of service would get you back a mere $99, but if you order five years, you will save more than $160, paying only $66 a year.

  • They have supported 250,000 + customers as a market leader since 1998
  • has a stable website that is user friendly & McAfee.
  • Give several other Training / Compliance Programs.

Furthermore, InCorp will bear all transfer costs, and they will reimburse them if you try to find cheaper rates. InCorp is a tried and tested option for providing services to your registered agent. If you want more help click on this link where you have access to so much more information regarding registered agents and LLCs.