Many women covet the model body that they see celebrities having on magazines, billboard ads, and influencer posts. Though well-know beauty icons like Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe have this type of body, it takes patience to get it. Most of these icons use expensive cosmetic procedures, shapewear and the best personal trainers to have a model figure.

If you want to get this figure, you need to make tweaks to your dietary habits and routine. Jess Whitsen jobs and company insights can give you some tips for getting an hourglass figure. But you can also get it by acting on these few techniques.

  1. Develop an Exercise Plan

To get your desired model body, you need first to decide the type of model you want to be. This way, you’ll be able to tailor your exercise plan to reflect this body type. Runway models have bodies that are lean, toned and not overly muscled. On the other hand, lingerie models need slim toned and curvy bodies to show off their merchandise.

If you desire to have a swimsuit model body type, you need to add some more specific exercises in your workout routine. These exercises should focus on the hips, waist and bust. On the other hand, runway models need to focus more on cardio with less strength training. This type of body requires you to be lean and without a lot of visible muscle. Male models need to focus on strength training and muscle building.

Your need to exercise for at least five days a week to achieve a model figure. Model’s exercise regime is quite intense. However, you also need to take two days off to allow your muscles to rest and prevent any injuries. If this schedule is too rigorous for you, work up your way by starting small before increasing your pace.

  1. Tweak Your Diet

Weight goals is a personal subject that most people find hard to discuss with others. However, before starting your strict diet routine, you need to consult your doctor. Make an appointment with him and discuss healthy goals vividly and honestly. If your doctor advises you to abandon your weight goals because they’re unhealthy or extreme for your body, don’t ignore his advice.

Besides that, you also need to plan your meals. It can be easy to stay focused on attaining a model-like body if you have a meal plan for a week, two weeks or a month. In your plan, you need to clearly state what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You also need to include your everyday snacks.

Preparing your food can help you control what goes into it. A food journal may help you to log everything you’re eating. As much as you might want to lose weight, it would be best if you counted the calories you ingest to ensure you have enough to support your physical needs. This may require you to read food packages religiously and research the number of calories in your faves. If counting calories isn’t easy for you, hire a professional dietician to do it for you.

The Bottom-line

The key to getting lean and toned body is to change your diet, and have an exercise plan. Your success depends on your consistency. However, you need to consult your doctor before starting this plan.