Coming up with a new and innovative business idea may be difficult. Especially when you want your idea to get successful right away. Usually it’s not how it works. There are hundreds of start-ups being developed every day all around the world which means that if you want to succeed in that field, you should get really creative and convincing. You need to sell your ideas in the best possible way and attract certain people to them. In order to get successful with your fresh idea you must create a convincing overview of your business and attract lots of people towards it. A well created, visual and interesting pitch deck may help you with that. Find out what a pitch deck is and learn how to create it for your business. Get successful with this professional marketing presentation. See our pro tips while creating such a pitch deck.

Pitch deck – what’s that?

In simple words, a pitch deck (either startup pitch deck or investment pitch deck) is a short and brief and often quite visual presentation made in PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or other programs used to provide your investors or users an overview of your own business ideas. Usually a pitch deck presentation is presented during a traditional or online corporate meetings with everyone potentially interested in your project. This includes potential investors, customers, users, partners and co-founders.

Pitch deck is sometimes called a pitch book or a confidential information memorandum. It is not only used by start-ups and young entrepreneurs but also by many others such as: investment banks, law firms, finance firms and business brokers. The purpose behind a pitch deck is to create excitement around your ideas and attract important people towards them. It may also be used while advising on sale of the shares or assets of an already well prospering business.

What should a good pitch deck contain?

A well prepared pitch deck should consist of some strong and accurate bullet points supported by visual presentation. First of all in order to promote and sell your ideas to potential investors or clients you need to introduce yourself. Tell everyone why you’re here and why your project is better than the other similar projects. Keep it short but informative. Secondly, introduce your whole team and describe what is everyone’s role in your project. Thirdly, outline what problem you can help overcome with your business idea. This takes you directly to the fourth point which is showing everybody your advantages and making them understand that your ideas are different from others. The conclusion? They’re worth investing in some time and money.

Later on, focus on describing how to solve the problem and explain precisely how your product or service works. On this stage it would be good if you already had a MVP – minimum viable product which you could present to prove your ideas work in real life with real developers. Further on make some predictions about the potential size of your target market and give some space to the existing competition.

To conclude your pitch deck, outline a specific business model and let everyone know what is your planned budget and what kind of money are you looking for an investment. Leave your contact details for everyone potentially interested and keep your fingers crossed. Let the people reach you quickly. Remember, nobody likes too much reading, especially on a marketing presentation, so make sure it is super easy to understand and has enough graphics and supportive charts.

Examples of successful pitch decks by startup companies

No matter how small and unknown you are, your future may depend on a successful pitch deck presentation. Some startups that were not internationally recognisable in the past, created such memorable and creative pitch decks that they raised enough money to go huge. The following examples should inspire you to create your own successful and meaningful pitch deck. Remember, it all starts with a brilliant idea.

So, everybody knows Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Buzzfeed and YouTube right? Guess what? They all used to be just small startups created by a bunch of people who had a breakthrough idea in their head. Because of a legendary pitch deck they managed to generate interest in their product and became super successful.

What was in Facebook’s pitch deck? Mostly numbers like the value proposition of a company, some key metrics and well developed marketing services for selling advertisements to different clients. These were some really promising numbers. Airbnb took a slightly different approach. They decided to describe their business using as few words as possible and instead they used some persuasive slogans like: save your money, make more money and share the culture. Again, numbers did the rest of the show in their pitch deck.

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