Digital advertising is all the rage these days, and once you learn about its effectiveness and ease of implementation, you’ll understand why. The fact is that mobile billboard advertising is cost-effective and difficult for consumers to ignore, and it has numerous advantages over static, non-mobile billboards that are frequently unseen or unnoticed by a large number of people.

If you’re considering using digital billboards as part of your marketing and promotion strategy, the first step is to educate yourself on the various types available. The main types of digital billboards used today are described below.

  • Wrapped on Vehicle 

These wraps can cover the entire vehicle or just a section of it, and they can be applied to any size vehicle. This category includes streetcars and company vehicles, and the advertisement can be on vinyl sheets or painted on the vehicle for a more permanent arrangement. 

These wraps can be seen on a variety of vehicles in most cities, including buses and cabs. The wraps can be traditional or unusual, and they demand that customers pay attention because they are difficult to ignore. Consumers appreciate the fact that the wraps are generally very colorful and eye-catching.

  • Trailers

These are billboards that are transported behind vehicles in the same way that trailers are. They are typically thin and one- or two-sided, allowing printed advertisements to be printed on both sides. 

They resemble regular trailers but serve as advertisements, and many of them have bright LED lights that make the ads visible at night. You may see them parked outside of the company advertising the product or on the roads that they typically use to transport their products from Point A to Point B.

  • Truck’s side Advertising

These billboards are typically two or three-sided and are frequently placed on trucks that are not affiliated with the company promoting the product. Instead, they are frequently rented as part of a company’s marketing campaign. Typically, the ad is made of vinyl material and may include LED lighting to make it easier to see after dark.

Even more intriguing, they can have a 3D effect if the truck’s panels are replaced with glass, allowing people to look inside. Truck side advertising is most common in major cities and along major highways. Although it can be costly to set up at first, this is a very affordable type of digital advertising.

  • Digital Billboards

This type of advertising includes both still ads and small commercials that appear as people drive by in their vehicles. They can be mounted on trucks or trailers and frequently use LED lighting and TV screening. 

They are frequently found in high-traffic areas such as fairs, festivals, tourist attractions, and sporting events. In fact, any event with a large number of attendees is ideal for using digital billboards.

This type of advertising is very affordable if you cost-share with another company, and the ads are impossible to miss! Nonetheless, they have a few drawbacks, including high costs when you are the sole advertiser.

As a new entrepreneur, whether you’re a startup founder or a small business owner, you need an extremely successful marketing campaign to spread the word about your brand to prospective consumers. How you approach advertising can determine the outcome of your success.

Although there are numerous marketing techniques that ensure a broad consumer reach, like social media marketing, mobile billboards marketing can undoubtedly complement your marketing strategy and help you achieve your business objectives.

A mobile billboard, with an appropriate selection of the site, research, and creative design, can help you communicate to a large target market and generate quality conversions at a low cost.