Box Build Assembly Process is a process involving electromechanical assembly beyond a PCBs production. That most commonly include such steps as fabrication of enclosures, installation of cables, and other components.

Sometimes this electromechanical assembly process is called “systems integration”. Some of the tasks involved in a Box Build Assembly Process can be considered complex but the whole process does not have to always be complicated.

Services related to a Box Build Assembly Process

Among the most popular services that are provided regarding a Box Build Assembly there can be listed:

– various forms of assemblies: product, system level, and sub-level,

– warehousing, packaging and labeling, shipping,

– testing,

– configuration and installation of software,

– aftermarket services and repairs.

The importance of providing information

Box Build Assembly Process can become faster and the end product can be of a higher quality if the customer succeeds in providing the manufacturer with detailed information regarding the project. Based on such information manufacturers can thoroughly plan the whole Box Build Assembly Process and anticipate potential delays and errors. What is more, they are able to plan in advance some alternative methods of operation if those errors do occur.

How to better the Box Build Assembly Process?

First of all, customers should supply the information about exact measurements of a product, such as size and weight, ahead of time. Providing manufacturers with such knowledge will better the whole process of warehousing, packaging, transporting, and shipping of a product. Details about packaging and shipping should be also included.

Secondly, the manufacturer should have knowledge about what tests should be carried out on a product.

Thirdly, a 3D CAD model or a prototype would be of great help to an EMS provider.

Last but not least – and in fact most importantly – customers should provide the manufacturer with a detailed list of materials essential to the project. Such a list is professionally called a Bill of Materials (BOM) and it should contain explicit details about the materials needed – starting with quantity all through to the part description. This way manufacturer would know way earlier about what materials to source and maybe even what supplies are going to be provided by a customer. Thanks to the BOM there is always a lesser chance of any delay occurring.

How to choose the best manufacturer?

To outsource the best EMS provider (see: you should do thorough research and check opinion online – maybe even ask the company you are interested in hiring to provide you some recommendations or present you some samples/examples of their work. Competent EMS providers would have no problem with sharing such information and dispelling all of the doubts. Remember that communication is key – make contact with the manufacturer, and present your concept and demands.