Every webinar host dreams of hundreds of registrations on their site. Some hosts however do not have a long email list or are on a tight budget.

Here are some tips regarding unpaid methods of advertising your webinar, as well as those requiring some investment.

Three important steps to take before advertising your webinar:

  • Create a compelling title for your webinar to generate anticipation, suspense and curiosity in potential viewers. A hook in your title like: “How to make C without B?” is a very effective technique attracting both new and repeat viewers to your webinar. It is also worth noting that the title should have wording that entices and connects with your audience. Using jargon in the title is a good way of targeting a particular group of people, as it tends to give you the feeling that you identify with and are part of a group.
  • Prepare a registration list with a clear outcome of your webinar. It should state directly how the viewers will benefit from your webinar and how it will support their life and business. The registration list will help the registrants commit themselves to participating in the webinar.
  • A short video about the content of your webinar uploaded to your website or social media will be very encouraging and will boost the traffic at registration.

Where to advertise your webinar?

  • Turn your website into a webinar promotion machine. This can mean an announcement bar at the top with a clickable link, or a promotional graphic on the sidebar. This method may need a couple of changes to the website interface, but your website is a place with very high traffic which greatly facilitates access to information about the webinar for potential viewers.
  • Send emails to the people from your email list. This method is not very efficient unless you create invites that are personalized and interesting. Once your addressees opt in, send them a follow-up email to remind them about the webinar. You may also attach the registration list and a few complimentary gifts to add some value.
  • Go to social media. Try to be seen everywhere – Facebook users, for example, tend to use a variety of other applications. Facebook also has a great feature called “Lookalike Audience” which may help your potential viewers find common denominators. Send personal invites to every single person that followed, retweeted or favorited some of your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social platforms for professionals such as LinkedIn or Goldenline are also a great option as you do not need to have the users` emails to send them a message. All that you need to do is to register and create a profile. Consider paid advertising on social media as it brings a quick return on your investment and a high yield in the end.

Who can help you promote your webinar?

You can invite friends or colleagues to your webinar to increase the number of participants. Another method is a paid method, but it`s worth it – invite influencers in your field to promote your webinar, as their followers are most likely to overlap with your own followers. Ask them for endorsement of your webinar, you can do it in the form of a joint venture, but you need to ensure that your webinar is dialled in and the endorsers will get a decent percentage of revenue. Alternatively, you could pay them for their endorsement.

Webinars actually help grow your email list, so it’s worth trying out all possible methods of advertising your webinar to multiply the number of viewers and eventually gain new clients.

For more information, see: https://www.livewebinar.com/