Getting into a car accident is indeed a stressful situation, but it becomes more complicated when you receive accusations of negligence from the other party. Maybe the person genuinely believes you were at fault for the accident and should pay for their damages, or maybe they are seeking insurance fraud. Whichever case it may be, the only way to protect yourself is by hiring a Conyers personal injury lawyer

What to do if the police officer thinks it is your fault?

When people get into a car accident, they call law enforcement. If you did the same thing, you have played your part in being a responsible citizen. The police arrive at the accident scene, investigate it and create a report. The police report usually contains the date, time, location, parties involved, witness statements, etc. Based on the information, the police determine fault.

If you were innocent in the accident but the police report says something different, do not panic. The report is only the police’s opinion and not proof of your guilt. An officer’s opinion does not carry any legal weight, and your attorney can always challenge it in court. 

How to deal with a false accident claim?

It is possible that the other party points the blame at you and seeks compensation for their injuries and other damages. However, if you were innocent in the act, you can hire an attorney to prove your innocence. 

An attorney can investigate and collect evidence indicating the other party’s fault. They can also speak to witnesses and ask them to give their statements. Attorneys possess the resources to prove a claim that the average man does not, which is why their assistance is so important. 

Your insurance adjuster’s role 

If the other party has filed a claim with your insurance company, you can rest assured that they won’t give out money without conducting an investigation of their own. Insurance companies are infamous for not giving out money so easily, and it usually requires a lot of evidence to convince them. There is one thing insurance companies hate, and that is paying compensation. So, they have an incentive to go through all the facts and evidence to determine who is at fault. 

If you are uninsured 

Not all people carry motor insurance, and if you are one of them, you do not have an insurance company to defend you. You will require the help of an experienced and skilled attorney to gather evidence supporting your claim and for representing you in court. 

The world is full of fraudsters trying to steal people’s money in one way or another. It can be irritating to take time out of your busy life and get involved in legal matters, especially when you are completely innocent. An attorney can provide peace of mind and take care of the essentials.