Often, the marketing plans of companies include attending trade shows and showcasing one’s products. Companies that take part in such shows usually invest a substantial amount of their budget in booths and exhibits designed to grab attention. A lot of these companies invest in a modular trade show booth to leave a lasting, positive impression. For the majority of them, a modular unit provides the following benefits:


Modular trade show booths can be reconfigured to mix and match a trade show environment. They can be moved around sections and adjusted to the exhibit’s layout according to the available space. Modular units provide companies the chance to come up with and add new graphics or display sections without investing in a new unit every year. With them, a company’s display area will always look new at every show, helping increase traffic and interest.  Keep in mind that a significant part of the battle at trade shows is making your exhibits unique. With modular setups, customers will never walk past your area. 


Modular trade show booths are more affordable than custom orders, allowing companies to save money on storage I&D, and drayage. A company can use the savings on other important marketing items such as advertising and promotional gifts. Usually, companies that spend money on custom displays may face challenges when they have to modify their booth’s information but have no money left in their budget. Meanwhile, with a modular unit, a company can just change one element of their display and update their image cost-effectively. 

Ease of Use and Shipping

Modular booths are easy to assemble and disassemble. A company’s trade show representatives can quickly set up the booth and break it down once the show is over. It is easy to order new graphics that suit the current exhibit, offering a company the chance to update its booth without having to spend a significant amount of money on designing custom elements. 

In addition, modular trade show booths are easy to box and ship from one show to the next or back to the office. These compact units allow for nominal shipping costs.


Even with repeated transportation and assembly, modular trade show booths have been proven to last a long time. Typically, their frames are made with durable material such as fiberglass or aluminum. Also, these units have fabric panels made from heavy-duty nylon or polyester. They tend to hold up well for many years regardless of how frequently a company will use them, making them a great long-term investment.