Duplex alloy grades such as 2205 tend to exhibit behaviour in a manner which is a combination of several characteristics of both the austenitic and ferritic phases that consist of the alloy. The ferrite phase in alloy grade 2205 Duplex Plate is known to provide resistance to chloride ion stress related corrosion cracking. Thus, making this particular alloy grade substantially better in compared to the more conventionally used 300 series austenitic stainless steels. Therefore, plates manufactured from duplex stainless steels are often preferred and used over austenitic stainless steels, especially in those applications where chloride induced SCC tends to pose a problem.

The high oxidation resistance property of Grade 2205 Duplex Plate is marred by its embrittlement in the ductile to brittle phase which occurs above a temperature of 300°C. This embrittlement is a problem which could be modified by treating the alloy to a full solution annealing process. As manufacturers of these plates, we recommend using this alloy at temperatures below 300°C, as it performs well .The machinability of alloy grade duplex stainless steel plateduplex 2205 plate tends to typically be low due to its high tensile strength. Click here for more info on the price of duplex 2205 plate.