Often referred to as marine grade, alloy for 316 stainless steel plate is specifically known for its enhanced resistance to corrosion in seawater, brine or in salt solutions. Aside from its counterpart austenitic grade 304 stainless steel, alloy steel 316 has a higher tensile strength apart from having improved resistance to corrosion. Therefore, these plates are used in those applications, where alloy grade 304 cannot be used.

The higher content of chromium in stainless steel 316 plate is known to create a self- protecting passivated oxide layer, in the presence of oxygen in the air. This adhering passivated layer is what helps this alloy grade from getting corroded by oxidation.

Cold working the 316 stainless steel plate will increase both its tensile strength along with hardness properties. In fact its high tensile strength and enhanced corrosion resistance properties make this alloy grade an ideal alloy to be used in marine based applications as well as in off-shore and onshore applications involving oil, gas and petroleum industries.

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