Regardless of what kind of business you run, your company website is an integral component; a digital portal to your business and what is has to offer the consumer, and you may not be aware that all digital data can be stored, and more importantly, can be analysed using complex algorithms.  There are specialised software apps that are designed to monitor site traffic and it has powerful tools that can analyse this data and provide you with essential information that can be used to tweak your site to become more visitor-friendly.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Imagine how you would feel if you could keep track of site visitors and their online behaviours, which would include all of the following:

  • What pages the site user visited.
  • How long they spent on each page.
  • Links they clicked on.
  • Products they viewed.
  • Calls to Action – Discover how effective they are.
  • Geographical location.

This data allows you to implement changes to your website; adding quality content to pages that are rarely visited, while also knowing the pages (and products) that are more popular with the visitor.

Free Download App

Available on iOS and Android platforms, your customers can also benefit greatly from using the Link Safe app, as this will have drop down forms that direct users to the relevant departments, and using a single interface, you can create multiple site entry points in any location and customise the text accordingly. If, for example, you have a support department, as soon as the user logs in, a menu will appear with the support department as one of the links and with a single click, your customer is talking to the right person.

Keeping All Employees on the Same Page

When a site visitor clicks on a link, the person responsible for that communication will automatically be sent an SMS or email, informing them of the enquiry. The easy-to-use interface allows you to both closely monitor all site traffic and analyse the data, which can then lead to some amendments and hopefully, an improved site visitor experience.

Essential Site Visitor Feedback

Without this kind of site visitor data collection, you would be unaware of any weak areas on your platform, which is hardly an ideal situation, and should you wish to try out the software with a free trial, the developer would be more than happy to do this. Once you have seen the type of data this collects and analyses, you will wonder how you ever managed without this unique site visitor monitoring software, which will enable you to make positive changes to some of your content.

Calls to Action (CTA)

These are critical links that encourage a site visitor to make a commitment and move on step closer to the check-out experience, and by monitoring your CTAs, you quickly find out which are more productive and can make suitable changes.

Improve your site visitor’s experience, while at the same time, receiving invaluable feedback on every aspect of your digital platform, which will empower you to make improvements.