If you were injured at the workplace, you may have the scope to get compensated under workers’ compensation laws. While workers’ compensation law seems easy on paper, many victims do not get the rights and dignity they deserve, often because they never filed for a claim in the first place. Once you have got medical aid, go ahead and look for a Tucson workers compensation attorney, who can guide you on the matter. Here are some things to check.

  1. Experience matters. There are many aspects of personal injury law, but workers’ compensation cases are often treated differently. You have to find a law firm that deals with such cases in particular. Ask the firm as who is going to represent you in the matter, and insist on meeting your attorney in person.
  2. Know your possible options. An attorney can help you understand where you claim stands and how much you can realistically expect in terms of compensation. For some cases, things are hard to prove, and you may not have the option to sue your employer. In other incidents of workplace injuries, negotiation is the best way forward. Your attorney will help you understand all the possible options.
  3. Discuss the fee. Some attorneys work on a retainer basis, while others will take a part of the amount you get through your workers’ compensation claim. Either ways, it is best to be clear about the expenses and fee you need to pay to the lawyer and his team.

Also, being honest with your attorney is important. You don’t want to be in a position when your lawyer is unknown to facts of the case, and that can impact your claim. As required, your lawyer will also discuss the workers’ compensation claim with the insurance company and negotiate on your behalf.