Bikes are used for various purposes. Navigating the narrow by-lanes in your city or going on that long road trip to the mountains, the possibilities are endless. But before venturing out, you need to have a bike insurance policy. This comes as a mandatory requirement for all bike owners to have a two-wheeler insurance policy alongside getting it registered with an RTO and obtaining PUC certificate.

But when it comes to selecting a two wheeler insurance policy, it must be carefully opted for. With myriad alternatives, it is easy to have oversight thereby losing track of what you actually need. With two types of policies that can be bought, whether you need a third-party cover, or a comprehensive policy depends on the coverage requirements. Further, comprehensive policies can be loaded with add-ons thereby giving you the option to customise its coverage. One such add-on is the roadside assistance cover.

With this add-on, getting stranded on empty streets is a thing of the past. Anytime you find your vehicle broken, be it on your solo trip or among city limits, your insurer assists with you with a repair/towing facility. Any necessary help is right there at a call to your insurance company using the 24X7 roadside assistance (RSA) add-on. Here are some of the benefits that are accrued on buying one –

Towing assistance: Breakdowns are a common occurrence especially during the rains. During such rains, taking your bike to a safe spot for repairs can be frustrating. With the help of 24X7 RSA cover, towing facility is provided by your insurer to take your bike to the nearest service garage.

Accommodation benefits: Some insurance companies also provide the feature of accommodation in the event you are far away from home.

Coverage for minor repairs: At times it isn’t a part that entirely stops working, but instead is a minor misfit that causes your bike to malfunction. With a 24X7 RSA, you can get this repaired based on the assessment by the technician.

Flat tyres: Most times, a RSA facility is used in the event of a flat tyre where there is no assistance in the nearby proximity. This add-on can help you get back on the road once your tyre is fixed.

Emergency fuel assistance: Some insurance companies include emergency fuel assistance where a specified quantity of fuel is provided in case you run out of it.

Transportation assistance: This RSA cover will help you travel to a safe location in case the bike cannot be fixed at the spot. Any cost of such travels shall be reimbursed by the insurer.

Having the backup of roadside assistance in your bike insurance policy helps you stay away from hassles of dealing with your bike repairs when stranded with little to no support. So, in case you do not already have this useful add-on, make sure to add it to your next two wheeler insurance renewal.

This add-on can be combined with other useful add-ons like the zero-depreciation cover, engine protection cover and more. However, remember since they are additional policy features, they increase your policy premiums. You can check the impact of an add-on in your premium using a two wheeler insurance premium calculator and ensure the entire coverage is within your budget. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.