These days billions of people use social media every day. People use it for interacting and communicating with their friends, family, and strangers online. Practically all businesses today have a presence on at least one social media platform. It is a great tool to reach a wide audience.

Social media is now an essential part of the marketing strategy of multiple organizations. It has become so big that many organizations only use social media for their marketing activities. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the main social media platforms on which companies market their products and services.

No matter what your level of expertise is, being a digital marketer requires detailed knowledge of social media. The internet is filled with information on how digital marketing works. There are plenty of blogs and articles present online through which you can enhance your knowledge of digital marketing. You can even take up online courses to learn digital marketing inside out. To do all this you need a reliable internet connection like HughesNet Gen 5. Contact HughesNet servicio al cliente to get a satellite internet package to meet your needs.

Before diving deep into social media marketing, there are some terms that you should be familiar with. Here are some of the most critical social media terminologies you should be aware of.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is an analytics test. It allows marketers to evaluate the performance of social media posts. It will tell you which post has performed better. To carry out this test, you will need to change the elements of one post. For example, you may change the headline of a post and see how much engagement it generates. This will allow you to quantify the change in performance.

Ads Manager

This is a tool used by Facebook to produce and run advertisements. Ads manager helps digital marketers to create and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


The algorithm is a keyword in the digital marketing field. It is a pre-determined set of rules that social media platforms need to follow to evaluate which post should be shown where on the user interface. As an example, the algorithm used by Facebook gives more weightage to posts with a high volume of comments and likes. So these kinds of posts come up more frequently in users’ newsfeeds.

Average Response Time (ART)

Social media is extremely fast-paced. Timing is very critical in this field. The ART is a metric that tells how fast an organization is responding to complaints and queries mentioned by clients in comments or private messages.


Bio is a short communication on social media platforms that lets the audience know what work your organization is involved with. It is usually not longer than a couple of lines. It will tell about your organization, what it sells, or what it stands for. By reading the bio, people will know at a glance about the organization.


Boosting is defined as significantly increasing the amount of audience that can view your content. All you need to do is pay a particular amount of money to have your posts show up as “sponsored” on the non-followers timeline.

Business Manager

This is Facebook’s software that helps businesses manage their ad accounts, pages, and team members. It serves as a hub that connects businesses’ finances, advertising expenses, ad campaigns, pages, and users and allows for easy administration.

Summing Up

Some terms and keywords are specifically relevant to different industries. The same is the case with digital marketing. Before getting entrenched in digital marketing, it is important to get familiar with basic digital marketing terminology. It is the first step toward learning about this field. Like all new things, it may take some time. However, once you are familiar with this terminology, you will reap the rewards and begin to excel in this field.