By now, you have probably heard this a million times- maintain social distance, wash your hands, sanitize, and wear a mask. Some people have been loyal and have abode by these rules, while others remain stubborn, questioning authorities the essence of some of these practices. And the earring of masks has been one of the disputed things. But do you have any idea how helpful theses masks can be?

Want to find out? Keep reading.

Masks act as a barrier between you and others

Having something covering your mouth and nose is fundamental in keeping dust particles and, most importantly, aerosol droplets getting into your body. When we speak of Coronavirus, the main transmission is through inhaling the droplets of infected body fluids. Indeed, you may also contact the virus by hand, but the point of entry is mostly through your nose, mouth, or eyes, which brings us to the next point.

It helps you keep your hands off your face

You cannot possibly forget you have a piece of fabric covering your face. A mask covering your mouth and nose will keep you alert, which will warrant you to keep your hands off your face. Since the points of the virus’s entries are the eyes, mouth, and nose, you will stay conscious, keeping your hands off.

Face masks help you protect others

If you end up getting the virus by an unfortunate event, when you wear a face mask, you protect those around you. This not only means that you should do this only when sick as there is a fourteen-day incubation period that you could still spread the virus. The mask then acts as a barrier that keeps you from infecting the people around you.

Wearing masks promote normalcy

Most people are frankly tired of having to be locked in one place, and so COVID or no COVID, things have to get back to some form of ordinary. You have to head to work, go to the hospital, go shopping, or simply head go for a walk. And the only way to do this is by wearing a mask to protect yourself and others while resuming your regular daily routine.

What kind of masks should you get?

When it comes to the subject of what kind of masks you should use, you must first understand that different types have different capabilities. The N95 and the surgical masks are mostly used by medical personnel and are the most effective. Getting one is also not that hard as you can order in bulk and keep them for yourself and your family. Personal Protective Equipment In Canada and elsewhere, offer these products. There are also cloth masks that provide some form of protection.

All in all, regardless of the type you go for, it is better to have one than none. Beyond that, do not forget to uphold the other rules put in place- social distancing, sanitizing, and washing your hands.